Bath Pillow - Inflatable With Feathers!

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  • SUPER CUTE FEATHER LUXURY BATH PILLOW: Rectangular shaped for added support and firm comfort to head, neck & back. head, neck, body & back. The orthopedic design offers firm neck support. Constructed of waterproof material. Well constructed with the perfect firmness.
  • COMPACT SIZE THAT FITS IN ALL TUBS: Fits perfectly in any bath tub, hot tub, jacuzzi & spa. The bath pillow is small enough to take on vacation, use it for baby or infant, take to the health club spa or for a business trip as well as store it with minimal space. It has a very efficient size.
  • HIGH QUALITY SUCTION CUPS: on the back to provide ultra tight grip on any type of bathtub or spa. Eco friendly cups firmly stay in place on the tub. If you moisten them, they will really adhere and won't slip. The bath pillow is very easy to wipe down and keep clean with its nonporous surface.
  • SECRET OF A LONG LIFE: Join the new trend of relaxing, de stressing and taking stock of your life. Let go of the soggy rolled up towel and really relax. With your new firm neck pillow get the feeling of a relaxing spa experience. Your new pillow contributes to neck and back pain relief. The firmness of the pillow holds your head in place so you can relax your muscles. Take a long bath or jacuzzi, and your neck does not get tired with the firm neck pillow. This is a necessary piece of equipment for ALL bath lovers!
  • ORDER NOW: Order now for peace of mind for total relaxation. *No risk 1 year guarantee* When you order, consider purchasing two bath pillows, one for you and one for your best friend. There is a discount coupon below for orders of two or more. So click the order button now.



        Your search for the perfect bath pillow is over!



This bath tub pillow has a great new contemporary bean shape style and it is a great addition to your bath products..

What separates us from the competition is that we isolate our manufacturing process. We specifically choose very thick plastic that will last a long time.


Great for a bath pillow spa pillow and Jacuzzi pillow. If you enjoy soaking in the tub with a good book and bubble bath, you'll love this pillow. Your new pillow will support your head well and helps your neck relax and it is very therapeutic.

It is a GREAT gift for those that have everything and goes with all bathtubs. Don't forget the bubble bath, bath brush and bath sponge!


When you receive your new pillow, remove it from the plastic wrap and air out. So just wipe it off with a mild soap before using it. The suction cups are removable. Loosen each suction cup individually with your fingertips when removing the pillow from the tub.

When that cute little brown box arrives from Amazon, rip it apart and start using!


Guarantee: Works Or Your Money Back! It is because of our quality that we back all our products up with a 365-day hassle-free money back guarantee. Our #1 priority is to make sure our customers are completely happy.


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Bath Pillow - Inflatable With Feathers!
Bath Pillow - Inflatable With Feathers!
Bath Pillow - Inflatable With Feathers!