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About Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc

Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. is a company that primarily offers bath, personal care and beauty products on the internet. The company started in 2012, and since has offered high quality products to their clients. We have two brands: Simply Essentials and Maywood Creek Essentials.

Bath Products

Online shopping for BATH from a great selection of Scrubs & Body Treatments, Cleansers, Bath, Bathing Accessories, Sets & more at everyday low prices.

Health Products

Outstanding selection at everyday low prices delivered right to your door. Shop SimplyEssentialProducts.com Health & Personal Care Store and more.

Beauty Products

Nowadays, it is essential for every person to look and feel more attractive to the eyes of other people. Because there are lots of people who want to be confident when it comes to their physical appearance, Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. are offering excellent quality beauty products. Such products are of low-cost but will simply enhance the way you look.


Here is our story:

Working my way through waist high grass in a cemetery, with 
relatives on a mission, who would have thought that in the next couple of
days I would discover my product line, Maywood Creek. We 
had met as a family to reset the headstone of my great, great, great 
grandfather, in a small rural area behind a farmers field. 

Following the resetting of the stone, I toured the area that my mother
was born in, called Maywood. I was shown the creek near the old farm area and was instilled with the freshness and the sweet smells of the wildflowers growing on the banks of that creek. That day I named my product line, Maywood Creek Essentials.

All these years the creek has rolled on, and when I think of it, I am reminded that




When it comes to offering high quality beauty products, Castle Rock Essential Products, Inc. is one of the few companies to provide such products. The primary goal of the company is to meet the needs and demands of their customers with their excellent customer service!

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