Tweezers for Ingrown Hair Sparkles with Purple Case Stainless Steel

$ 10.77

  • FREE EBOOK: "The Secrets of Using Tweezers": Free education and entertainment on the uses of TWEEZERS. And of course, the proper care of your skin with these stainless steel professional tweezers. Basically, so you do not injure yourself with the ingrown hair tweezers.
  • CALLEBRATED: -These heavy duty stainless steel industrial tweezers have an excellently calibrated, accurate and sharp grip. They are light but sturdy and really easy to hold. They work great for aquarium, bead, scrapbooking, cooking, stamp, hobby and jewelers. For lab and scientific use, not LED tweezers. They are made with stainless steel with a contemporary look and elongated points.
  • PERFECT FOR BACKYARD SURGERY: Are you a magnet for splinters? Do you encounter splinters, thorns, glass, metal, stones and other things embedded in fingers, hands, feet and legs? The high quality steel precision tips are much easier to maneuver around almost invisible splinters! Good gifts for men and women.
  • EYEBROW, CHIN, INGROWN AND EAR HAIR: Do you have trouble with ingrown hairs from shaving? These long ingrown anti magnetic hair tweezers work real well to pull the hairs out from under your skin. Very pointy, which helps to get the new brow growth that comes in under the skin as well as eyelash hairs. They are also great for ingrown hair removal that have been broken by other splinter tweezers The tips come perfectly together and grip each hair. They are not just good for the ingrown hair but also for precision eyebrow plucking. They pick up smallest individual hair that standard tweezers would not be able to get to. Can be used for baby and infants but with extreme care.
  • ★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Tweezers by Simply Essentials, Just Return It, And We'll Refund it Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem. ★


Your search for the perfect ingrown tweezers is over.


Put away that sewing needle forever! These hair tweezers have a great new contemporary style. Well made, precise tweezer tips, super strong with calibrated ends. And, needle point precision for wood splinters, ticks and ingrown hairs (See you can put your big needle back in your sewing box).

INGROWN HAIRS: When used carefully, you can remove ingrown hairs without scarring your skin or nose in the process or driving the hair deeper into the infected pore. These tweezers are just right for grabbing or teasing out an in-grown hair from tender skin. They are so pointed and sharp at the ends that they will get out any ingrown hair you have with ease, and the ends DO NOT bend. These are great because they are so narrow at the tip, they can go directly to the hair just barely popping out of the skin and remove it without a mark.

EYEBROWS: Eyebrow plucking is easy as they pick up smallest individual hair that standard tweezers would not get.

SPLINTERS: These best hair tweezers have a very fine pointed tip. The fine tip makes it easy to remove wood splinters, glass and whatever else gets lodged in your skin. It can also double as a lance.

ALIGNMENT: A lot of time the pointy-tipped tweezers suffer from misalignment...not these. The tips come perfectly together and grip each hair. Professional STAINLESS STEEL SURGICAL Instrument- splinter forceps. These tweezers have a heavy duty global design. Also used for desoldering tweezers.

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