Eyeliner Brush Set - Two Eyeliner Brushes Angled and Straight

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  • HIGH QUALITY: Looking for that perfect angle when it comes to applying the eyeliner, the set has your back when looking for the perfect cat eye type of look. This eyeliner brush has the fine point and synthetic fibres to bring about the wanted natural look when applying makeup and reduces friction. The bristles are sharp edged which helps in having good control of the brush. The synthetic brushes help in easily spreading the eyeliner hence bringing out the perfect effect. These have been rega
  • ECONOMICAL PRICE: Looking beautiful is every girls dream and having the items for looking beautiful around you at an affordable price makes the dream a reality. These pair of eyeliner brushes has an affordable price to cater for all the people who love make up. This enhances value for money because these eyeliner brushes are the best and at the best price.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This eyeliner brush has a sleek design which makes the brush stand out. The brush has a unique shape which makes it easy to hold when lifting and brushing on the eyelid. It is also lightweight hence it is easy to handle and give you the best look. The eyeliner brush is about 7.5 to 8 inches long which helps when creating room for best position in applying makeup.
  • PROFESSIONAL GEL BRUSHES: Well applied makeup looks good and natural, which is the look that most people want to go for. Makeup has been one item that if applied wrongly can have it spread unevenly, which is bad image. These brushes have been designed to have the outcome look like it was applied professionally. The angled bristles help in applying makeup where is needed hence decreasing the spreading of makeup. The straight eyeliner brushes also helps in ensuring that the eyeliner is in place
  • READILY AVAILABLE: Searching for the best makeup equipment can be a hard task especially when you have had bad experiences in the past. Advertisements have proven that some items are good but hard to find. These eyeliner brushes have been proven to have the best qualities and they are readily available for purchasing. They do have the name of the brand and having described the item well the purchasing can easily be done with the right channels.

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