Eyeliner Brush

$ 9.77

  •  SUPERIOR VALUE SMALL EYELINER BRUSH - Professional Makeup Brush - Sleek design, easy to hold and apply your eyeliner, color, concealer, etc. This brush is 7.5" in inches tall and .5 inches wide.
  •  APPLY MAKEUP LIKE A PRO - This dense makeup brush allows you to quickly and evenly apply cosmetics and apply your eyeliner precisely
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Extra Dense Bristles, small eyeliner brush with long wooden handle, highest quality material 6' long x 1.5' wide.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY TYPE OF EYELINER APPLICATION - This brush is perfectly designed to professionally apply eyeliner. And to conform to your facial contours for precise application every time. Great brush for high-definition, perfectly concise results.