What Dry Brushing Does for the Skin Posted on 03 Feb 11:02 , 0 comments

Dry brushing is a process of brushing dry skin with a natural brush. The action helps remove old skin cells, leaving your body feeling softer and smoother than it did before. Dry brushing is done before showering using a soft sweeping motion from the feet toward the heart until the entire body has been brushed. It’s important to not brush your face with a brush as the skin is very delicate and requires a different type of care.

Some of the benefits regular dry brushing delivers include:

  • Soften skin. Exfoliating regularly helps loosen and remove dead skin cells. Buying a long handled dry brush helps you get to the hard to reach spots on your body. After a few days, you’ll notice a distinct difference in how your skin feels. It may even look younger.
  • Cleaner pores. Remove dirt, oil, and residue from our body. This prevents your pores from getting clogged. You’ll see fewer breakouts because of your decision to dry brush.
  • Support of the lymphatic system. The body’s immune system consists of organs, lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels. This helps transport lymph in the body. Dry brushing helps nudge them along by stimulating lymph flow. This helps with detoxification as the lymphatic system is a natural cleaner.
  • Breakdown of cellulite. Dry brushing breaks up cellulite for some people. It’s a natural way to deal with the fatty deposits under the skin. Dry brushing is a cost effective way to help yourself look and feel your very best.

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