The Joy of Creating Daily Rituals in Your Life

Rituals are part of our history. They mark the passage of time and are often very personal. Rituals are about creative activity and have less to do with the end product than the journey it took to get there.

When it comes to self-care, having a routine that you go through helps you achieve a desired feeling. For example, if you want to feel healthier, you model behavior that helps you feel that way. You make mealtime a sacred ritual by sitting down and conscientiously enjoying your food.

The same can be said about bathing. You may not get to take baths often because of a hectic schedule, but when you do, you make the experience memorable. You fill the tub with water, turn on soft music, add your bubble bath, and lay back on your bath pillow.

The simple act of being mindful and in the moment helps relax you which ultimately makes you feel better. It sends a message to your brain that baths are relaxing and something you feel very passionate about. Then, you start finding ways to include more of them into your routine so you’re able to tap into those good feelings once again.

A ritual is something that becomes familiar to you. It’s a resource you tap into whenever things get hard in your life. It provides comfort because you’re aware of what you need to do to make it happen.

Placing your bath pillow in the tub, cueing up your favorite playlist, and letting the water run gives you visual and audio cues that are comforting. Because you’ve gotten so much good out of your ritual, you know to expect more of the same.

Create daily routines that include rituals that improve your health and overall well-being. Bring yourself joy by having something to look forward to each day. People will notice how happy you are when you take time out for yourself.

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