Benefits of Using a Kabuki Brush to Apply Makeup Posted on 20 May 11:12 , 0 comments

Benefits of Using a Kabuki Brush to Apply Makeup

A kabuki brush is a fantastic tool used by professional makeup artists worldwide. If you haven’t yet used one to apply makeup, you’re going to love the beautiful finish you get. The benefits of using a kabuki brush are numerous. In fact, one of the most notable is that they come in different sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Here are some other things you’re going to love about your new kabuki brush:

  • They’re great for all types of makeup. It doesn’t matter if it’s liquid, mineral, powder or cake. A kabuki brush makes applying your favorite makeup quickly, easily, and flawlessly.
  • They’re well-made and last a long time. Kabuki brushes are made of fine quality materials so you’re able to use and enjoy them for years. Bristles are soft and handles are easy to hold onto while applying makeup to your face.
  • They’re environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free. Our brushes are vegan and never tested on animals. They also don’t shed the way some other brands do.
  • They’re easy to clean. The kabuki brushes sold on our website come with a free e-book with special care instructions. This helps you protect your investment by cleaning your tools the right way.
  • They give you full coverage. The synthetic bristles of a kabuki brush bend to reach the different angles of your face. You won’t have to worry about missing spots when you use this tool to apply your makeup.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits of owning and using a kabuki brush to apply makeup. With a number of options to choose from, you’ll always have the right tool on hand at all times. Castle Rock Essentials offers a 100% money back guarantee on our kabuki brushes. If you don’t love it, we’ll replace it or refund the price of your purchase. There’s nothing to lose that way!

The Mother of All Spa Gifts Posted on 13 May 13:52 , 0 comments

When it comes to the leading ladies in your life, only the best will do. After all, your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and aunts are important to you, and you want to make your next gift one for the record books. When selecting gifts for the women you’re closest to, keep in mind their needs and preferences. 


 Give them something they’ll use and enjoy like a luxurious bath gift set complete with a soap bar, bubble bath, sugar scrub, and a bath pillow. With a sweet blackberry and sage fragrance, these organic beauty products invite relaxation into the lives of the mothers you know and love.

Or you could try our waterproof foam pillow, which suctions to the tub, cushions the head, and helps to unwind after a long day. She can finally let go of the soggy rolled up towel and really relax with an amazing spa-like experience.

Women who like to do their make-up regularly will appreciate a set of sparkly tweezers.    Made from heavy duty stainless steel, the set of three sharp point beauty tools come in their own handy carrying case. These tweezers are a great addition to first aid kits, and they offer hobbyists an easy way to pick up small items, too. A good set of tweezers is something that many women don’t own but would love to have on hand.

Last but not least, an inflatable bath pillow with a feather pattern on it, looks great and offers enough firmness to provide support to the head, neck, and back. Made from waterproof material and designed to suction onto the tub, this gift requires little effort to use and clean it. Simply remove it from the bath or hot tub, wipe it down with a dry cloth, and have your mother/mother-in-law/grandmother/aunt store it where it’s most convenient for her to get to.

For the mother of all Spa gifts, visit Castle Rock Essential Products. We carry bath and beauty products as well as health and personal care products for the women you cherish. Don’t forget to become our VIP and sign up for our newsletter for access to our latest news and exclusive deals.