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If you have trouble sleeping well at night, there are some things you can do to help get you some shut-eye. One, of course, is to limit how much caffeine you consume throughout the day. It could very well be one of the biggest culprits keeping you from falling asleep.

Rest better at night by doing the following five things:

  1. Keep a strict bedtime. As difficult as this may be to do some days, try going to bed at the same time each evening. You’ll train your body and your brain to relax. Start preparing for bed at least thirty minutes before you retreat to your bedroom.
  2. Take a warm bath. Water is therapeutic. Warm water helps raise your body temperature which invites sleep. Bathe at night and sleep better than you have in a long time.
  3. Turn off electronic devices. Aside from the alarm clock, you shouldn’t be distracted by phones and tablets. The light from devices stimulates you and keeps you awake long past your bedtime. If you need something to do while trying to fall asleep, try reading an inspirational book.
  4. Use a leg pillow if you have back pain. It helps align your hips and reduce stress on your lower back. There are pillows on the market specifically designed for the legs. Buy one and try using it at night.
  5. Make sure you get enough exercise throughout the day. Don’t do it right before bedtime. All vigorous exercise should be done three to four hours prior to you going to sleep. You can, however, do simple stretches like those found in yoga or tai chi before hitting the hay.

A good night’s sleep is yours for the taking. When your body is relaxed, you have an easier time falling and staying asleep. If you haven’t yet explored the benefits of a warm bath at bedtime, it’s high time you did so. We provide you with all the tools needed for a relaxing soak in the tub.

Adjust your bath pillow, pour in some bath salts, and inhale the sweet fragrance of our all-natural bubble bath. You’re going to have no trouble falling asleep tonight or the rest of the week, for that matter, as long as you follow the advice listed here. It’ll be lights out for you the minute your head hits the pillow.

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Stress affects your body in a number of ways. It can cause a wide range of health problems and even manifest as skin irritations on your face and body. If you’ve undergone a lot of stress lately and need a break from it all, you’ll want to practice some tactics for relieving stress fast. Before you get started, take a look at how fear and anxiety wreak havoc on your nervous system.

Here’s how stress negatively affects your skin:

  • It depletes the moisture in your body. This leads to dry, flaky skin. Without proper hydration, you’ll likely look older than you really are.
  • It causes fine lines to be noticeable. When the skin is dry, lines look more pronounced. That’s why a good age-defying moisturizer is necessary.
  • It makes the face look flushed. When you hold your breath due to stress, your face flushes and turns red. It may not last long but if it does, it could indicate a more serious problem.
  • It causes breakouts and blemishes. The skin is the body’s largest organ. Stress produces acne, blemishes, and other type of irritants to become very noticeable.

Now that you know what stress does to your face and body, it’s time to start practicing some stress relieving techniques. Having a good self-care routine on hand to get you through tough times is recommended. It could be something as small as waking up ten minutes early so you can enjoy a cup of tea or an indulgent reward like a visit to your local spa.

Avoid stressful situations whenever you can. When something occurs that you have no control over, make sure to give your skin some extra TLC. The added attention will keep your face and body looking it’s very best even during difficult times.

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The open-toed shoes of summer are quickly swapped out for boots and heels in fall. Showing off newly painted toenails is less of a priority as it was during warmer weather months, but it doesn’t give you a reason to neglect your feet. Make foot care part of your daily routine by following a few simple tips.

Here’s how you do it the right way:

  • Check your feet often. This allows you to discover potential problems you might have. It also gives you the opportunity to address these issues in a proactive way. Your feet shouldn’t be worse for the wear because you’ve neglected them.
  • Trim your toenails, push back your cuticles, and polish your toenails. Use a sharp pair of toenail clippers to keep things neat. Spend extra time addressing your toenails because it makes you feel good. Summer isn’t the only time to think about these things.
  • Use a foot file or pumice stone to get rid of calluses. Take care of problem issues with ease so that your feet not only look great but feel amazing, too. Make sure to clean your tools well before using them again. You don’t want to have an issue with bacteria building up on them because they weren’t sterilized.
  • Moisturize regularly. Slather on the lotion before going to bed. Put your feet in a pair of soft cotton socks so that they can benefit from the extra moisture. Keep lotion on hand in the event that you discover a rough patch of skin and want to take care of it. Choose a product with natural ingredients and soothing moisturizing properties.

Take good care of your feet this fall by keeping your toenails neat, clean, and polished to perfection. The right tools make it easy for you to maintain a pedicure. Trust Castle Rock Essentials with your foot care needs this season. You’ll find a variety of products designed to enhance your beauty and that make self-care a priority.

How to Choose the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin Type Posted on 14 Sep 12:27 , 0 comments

With fall fast approaching, it’s time to up the amount of moisturizing you do. To prevent skin from drying out, flaking or becoming red with irritation, you need to follow a few simple steps which are to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize regularly. It will prevent further damage to your skin as the cool winds of fall and winter blow in.

Here’s how to choose the right moisturizer for your skin type:

  • Oily skin glistens even after it has been cleaned. If you have large pores and notice a lot of oil, you’ll want to use an oil-free moisturizer that ups the hydration levels in your skin and keeps the oils balanced.
  • Dry skin is itchy, flaky, red, and tight. A moisturizer full of essential oils will do the trick. It helps restore moisture to the skin, and the oils fight inflammation so your face and body doesn’t look irritated and sore.
  • Combination skin tends to show up in the face. Your T-zone is oily and cheeks are dry. Using two different types of moisturizer is ideal because your skin problems are dual. A heavy cream moisturizes cheeks well and an oil-free moisturizer on the T-zone is a necessity.
  • Normal skin isn’t flaky or shiny. A normal moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and one with essential oils makes the skin feel refreshed. Look for a natural moisturizer that is free of harsh chemicals for best results.
  • Sensitive skin flares up easily. If you have acne or other blemishes, it’s because your skin is sensitive to chemicals. Choose a moisturizer that is oil-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic like the Maywood Creek Essentials Facial Moisturizer which is created in small batches to preserve the strength of its formula.

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type. Keep in mind what types of things cause your face and body to break out. Avoid harsh chemicals that dry out your skin and make it feel like it’s irritated or itchy.

Start Your Day with This Skin Cleansing Routine Posted on 06 Sep 11:04 , 0 comments

Your morning routine can set the tone for the rest of the day. That’s why it’s important to start out with some self-care. By taking good care of your appearance, you feel better about yourself which translates to others in the form of self-confidence. When your skin look and feels good, you do, too.

The first thing to take into account is what type of skin that you have. It is oily or tend to have a combination of problems? Is it normal, mature or sensitive? Once you’ve determined this, you’ll have an easier time choosing products that work well for you.

An organic face cleanser like our Citrus Herb facial wash is the first step in developing a great skin cleansing routine. It clears up blemishes by removing bacteria from the skin. It also calms redness and irritation caused by the environment, diet, and stress because it contains calendula, aloe, and lavender.

The Maywood Creek Essentials Super Glow Mud Mask is perfect for all types of skin. It helps remove impurities by deep cleaning pores. It also hydrates skin with its nourishing oils.

Best of all, it’s all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and free from all the harsh chemicals that dry out and damage your skin. By adding products like this to your skin cleansing routine on a weekly basis, you see a significant difference in how your face looks and feels.

Taking good care of your skin is among the greatest gifts you can give yourself. It reduces the signs of aging, closes pores and prevents blackheads and whiteheads. Best of all, if you’re concerned about the products you’re using being organic, you’ll find the Maywood Creek Essentials line of cleansers, mud mask, toner, and moisturizer perfect. It’s all-natural and created in small batches to maintain its quality.

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You’ve crafted a self-care routine that is working relatively well for you, right? You’ve made it a ritual to pay attention to your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial needs. You’ve penciled in time into your schedule for alone time, massages, and regular reflection. What you’ve forgotten, however, is more important than any retreat, high thread count or luxurious spa treatment and that’s to rest every chance you can.

In the busyness that makes up our lives as human beings, it’s easy to confuse self-care with healthcare. Although self-care complements healthcare, it doesn’t take the place of medically and scientifically proven methods of caring for yourself. Getting the rest that your body needs is essential for your health and well-being. Filling a calendar full of feel-good tasks may make you feel even more energy depleted than before so keep that in mind.

Adequate sleep is essential because it helps prevent serious diseases. It also helps people with chronic pain hurt less. When people sleep well, they’re less likely to suffer a serious injury. They’re also in a much better mood because sleep helps them think clearly and solve problems effectively.

Better weight control is another advantage of a good night’s rest. If you’re too tired to exercise, it takes a toll on your health. You’re also more likely to eat things that you should eat in moderation. That’s how many people pack on the pounds, by not sleeping enough and stress eating as a result of it.

A nice warm bath at the end of the day is a great way to promote sound sleep. The Maywood Creek Essentials Bath Gift Set with Blackberry Sage Organic with Soap Bar, Bubble Bath, Sugar Scrub & Bath Pillow is the perfect way to truly relax your body. With the right tools available, it’s hard not to enjoy restful slumber.

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Exfoliating allows you to slough off dead skin cells, revealing soft, new skin. It helps stimulate the lymphatic system which rids the body of waste and impurities. Gently exfoliating your face improves its texture, prevents break outs, and helps even out your skin tone.

If you haven’t used a good exfoliant, it’s time that you bought a product and started using it. Not only will you benefit from softer, smoother skin, you’ll fight the signs of aging effectively, too.

One of the first things you’re going to want to do when exfoliating is to apply the cleanser to your face while it’s wet. If necessary, put the cleanser on in the shower where it’s easiest to wash off. You’ll have less mess to deal with that way.

Always use circular motions when working the cleanser into your skin. This helps remove impurities from your face and body because the exfoliant is mildly abrasive. Make sure to rinse really well, though, or you’ll find gritty traces of cleansers on your face and neck.

Use a loofah to get the job done quickly. The sponge-like tool has a semi-rough texture until it is wet. Then it becomes soft enough to use on your delicate skin.

Make sure to apply moisturizer after exfoliating. This helps protect the new skin cells from becoming dry, cracked, and painful. Pay close attention to your skin type so that you’re able to match it with a product that doesn’t irritate your face and body.

Make Maywood Creek Essential Products a part of your daily skin care routine. You’ll want to regularly cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your face and other body parts. By doing so, you’ll look and feel your very best. You’ll also prevent premature aging which is great news if that is a concern of yours.

4 Great Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Young Posted on 18 Aug 11:55 , 0 comments

It’s important to remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ. It requires daily maintenance in order to look its best. If you want to avoid premature wrinkling and aging, there are some things you should start doing right away to maintain the skin’s elasticity and moisture content.

Here are four great tips for keeping your skin looking its best year after year:

  1. Make H2O your go-to. Water helps the skin maintain moisture. It flushes impurities out of your system so they don’t end up clogging your pores or irritating your skin. Drink 64 ounces of water daily for optimal health.
  2. Exfoliate gently and regularly. The key to softer, smoother skin is exfoliation. Make sure to use products containing natural exfoliants to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin. Never scrub your face vigorously. Instead, move in a circular motion when applying a cleanser to your skin.
  3. Use a moisturizer designed for your skin type. If your skin is oily, don’t make it worse by using a super creamy moisturizer. Instead, opt for something lightweight that you can wear under your makeup. Our Maywood Creek Essentials Facial Moisturizer is organic and handcrafted. It’s safe for sensitive skin and has anti-aging properties that minimize the look of fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.
  4. Always wear sunscreen wherever you go. The sun dries your skin out. It burns it and causes sunspots and freckles to form. If you don’t want to look leathery after spending time outdoors, make sure that you use sunscreen on your face, neck, and body anytime you’re outside.

Protect your skin the way you protect your health. A good skin care routine reduces the risk for flare up, rashes, and other irritations. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you look and feel young year round.

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Life has its way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. Rather than stress out and miss the lesson needing to be learned, why not deal with life’s challenges in a highly productive way? By learning some healthy coping techniques, you eliminate the detrimental effects stress has on the body.

Here are some tips that will help you get in touch with your cooler, calmer self:

  • Identify your stressors. Take note of the things that get under your skin or get your adrenaline pumping. Step back from the situation and think about what you can control and what you can’t. Learn to let go of the things that don’t matter and focus on coming up with solutions for the things you can control.
  • Practice deep breathing. Most people are shallow breathers. The next time you feel stressed, try placing one of your hands on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Take a deep breath and watch your abdomen raise. This lets you know that your diaphragm is doing its part to deliver air into your lungs’ bases. Exhale through your mouth while silently counting to eight and repeat until you feel tranquil.
  • Learn to say no. We have a tendency to overbook our schedules. Rather than say yes to everything that is asked of you, start being selective with your time. Make it your mission to eliminate the need to be busy all the time. Give yourself plenty of downtime to relax and reflect on the days ahead of you.

Help kickstart the relaxation response in your body with a long, hot bath. Castle Rock Essentials sells a number of products that make bath time sacred and comforting. Purchase a bath pillow and some bath salts for some much needed me time and recharge your batteries quickly and healthily with this life changing practice.

Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin Using the Following Ingredients Posted on 02 Aug 11:23 , 0 comments

Exfoliation refers to the process of removing old, dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It can be done a number of ways but one of the most useful is with ingredients you find in your home and kitchen pantry. You read that right! Common kitchen supplies make great natural exfoliators.

Regularly exfoliating the skin means that you remove the cells that clog pores and prevent new cells from growing. It also allows your moisturizer to penetrate the skin better. The end result is radiant, glowing skin which is something we know you appreciate.

Here are some ingredients you can use right now:

  • Mix finely ground oats with honey and yogurt to create a mask for your face. Gently scrub it onto the skin in a circular motion. Let it sit on your face for 15-30 minutes before rinsing it off and washing your face as usual.
  • Baking soda. Mix a little bit of water with the product to make a paste. Apply it to your face and then rinse and wash it off using a mild soap. Baking soda is inexpensive and a highly effective natural exfoliator.
  • Use pure cane sugar and mix it with a massage oil such as olive, almond or jojoba. Make it into a paste that you apply to the skin in a circular motion. Rinse and wash as you normally would making sure to use a good skin care cream afterwards to prevent your skin from drying out.
  • Sea Salt. Full of trace minerals that rejuvenate dry or irritated skin, sea salt makes a perfect ingredient for homemade masks. Mix it with the massage oil of your choice the way you would with sugar and scrub your face gently with it. Work in a small circular motion before rinsing and washing it off of your skin.

Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead cells, leaving it looking and feeling soft once again. Following exfoliation, use a good, heavy cream or lotion to restore moisture to the skin. The Maywood Creek Essentials Facial Moisturizer is handcrafted and organic. It’s perfect for all skin types and reduces the appearance of fine lines, redness, dark circles, and sunspots.