Summer Skin Care Tips That Make You Look and Feel Great

The harsh UV rays from the sun take their toll on your skin year round but they’re especially grueling during the summer. That’s when you should take special care to protect yourself from heatstroke and sunburn. Both have a negative effect on your skin.

Here are some summer skin care tips that make you look and feel great:

  • Moisturize your face and lips, too. When applying lotion or skin cream to your face, remember to also use a lip balm to keep your pout looking its best. Warm weather is drying to skin so you need the extra moisture to keep everything looking its best.
  • Invest in a good organic facial toner. The Maywood Creek Essentials Detox Facial Toner in Citrus Herb is a refreshing way to treat skin after spending time in the sun. The all-natural formula erases inflammation and hydrates dry skin.
  • Wear sunscreen. Protect yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen every time your step outdoors. Make sure you know what SPF is best for your area of the globe and skin tone. If possible, wear makeup with SPF protection included in its formula.
  • Take cold showers. This is really important after you’ve spent a lot of time sweating. Not only does it cool down your body temperature, it also makes it so you don’t break out as easily. The blast of cool awakens your senses and makes you feel more alert, too.

Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, the right products make the task easier. The next time you step foot outside and into the hot summer sun, remember to wear your sunscreen. Once home, take the time to properly clean and moisturize your face so you don’t wind up with clogged pores due to dirt and sweat.

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