Seasonal Self-Care for the Perpetually Busy Person

With each season comes a need for a new self-care routine. After all, your body reacts to the changes in the weather in a number of ways. Before you get sidetracked with all the things you need to do, think about what needs to happen each season for you to feel your best. Would a long soak in the tub ease your tense muscles and make exfoliating easier?

Slowing down and paying attention to your self-care routine helps you identify opportunities to pamper yourself more. For example, your daily moisturizer in the summertime isn’t going to have the same effects in the winter. That’s why it’s very important to know how your body reacts to heat and cold so you can take care of it accordingly.

Use the following as a guide to create winter, spring, summer, and fall self-care routines. Each season brings its own unique challenges. The products that you choose to use year round, however, should be all-natural and luxurious like Maywood Creek Essentials.


The colder air wreaks havoc on your skin. That’s why it should be your focus. Invest in a good humidifier to add moisture to your home, and slather on a thick, creamy moisturizer to give your skin the love that it needs.


Exfoliate your way to softer, smoother skin by using simple salt and sugar scrubs and loofahs. You can also dry brush which helps improve circulation, break up cellulite, and get your lymph moving. Use soft circular motions and don’t press too hard or you could further damage your skin.


Up your intake of H2O by keeping water nearby wherever you are. Fill a pitcher with water and add your favorite citrus fruits or berries for added vitamins and flavor. Eat water-filled foods to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best.

Life seldom slows down but that doesn’t mean that you have to run yourself ragged all the time. Spend the start of each season pinpointing the self-care routine you need to follow to maintain good health. It’s well worth the time investment.

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