How to Choose the Right Kabuki Brush for Your Needs

You don’t need to be a professional make-up artist to know the value of a Kabuki Brush. All you have to do is wear make-up and want a polished, finished look when you do. The right tools make it possible for you to enjoy a professional make-up artist finish without the cost.

Here’s how to choose the right Kabuki Brush for your needs:

  • Round. Covers larger areas of skin. This type of brush is ideal for applying mineral foundations and powders as well as blushes and bronzers. A long wooden handle with soft, dense bristles assures that the makeup glides onto the skin easily. It’s great for stippling, contouring, and blending, too.
  • Angled. Perfect for getting an airbrushed finish, this rush works well with liquid, mineral, powder, and cake makeup. It helps get close to the skin and cover imperfections. The bristles should be dense, making for a flawless look every time makeup is applied.
  • Flat Top. When you need to apply a lot of pigment to one area, this brush is best. Because the bristles don’t spread the way a round brush does, you get more makeup in one area. It allows you to follow the angles of the face better than with other types of brushes.

A Kabuki Brush should have bristles that are soft to the touch and a handle that feels comfortable yet sturdy to hold onto. It should feel great in your hands. It should apply makeup fluidly and evenly every time that you use it.

Buy the right Kabuki Brush for your needs. Castle Rock Essential Products carries a number of different brushes for you to choose from. Ours are vegan, cruelty-free, soft, and easy-to-clean. What more can you ask for from a Kabuki Brush?

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