How to Avoid Over-Tweezing Your Eyebrows Posted on 23 Dec 11:30 , 0 comments

A perfectly tweezed brow looks beautiful. It enhances the appearance of eye make-up, too. If you have a tendency to go overboard when tweezing your eyebrows, there are some things you can do to prevent future mishaps. Consider this your guide to using tweezers properly.

You can make your eyebrows look their best by doing the following:

  • Choose the right tool. There are a number of different types of tweezers to choose from. Some are specifically designed for removing ingrown hairs. Others have a rounded or slanted tip. Decide which works best for you and make sure to put the cap on them to keep the tweezers sharp between uses.
  • Tweeze after you’ve gotten out of the shower. Warm water softens hairs making them easier to pull. After you step out of the shower, take a few extra minutes to pluck any stray hairs you see.
  • Know where the arch should stop. The experts say that your brows should begin above your tear ducts. The outer side of your iris should like up with the peak of the brow. The end point should then fall from the outer corner of the eye at a 45 degree angle.
  • Create a shape you can live with. Use an eyebrow pencil that is the same color as your brows to help shape the eyebrow further. You can even purchase a stencil that helps you achieve the perfect look.
  • Reduce redness. Use cortisone cream to reduce inflammation. Dab a small amount on the area immediately after tweezing. Be careful not to get it in your eyes.

A good set of tweezer prevents you from over-tweezing your brows. They’re sharp enough to remove unwanted hair with ease. If your old tweezers are impossible to use without injuring yourself, opt to buy a new pair from Castle Rock Essential Products. You’ll find a wide range of health and personal care products designed to meet your needs.