How Does Organic Mud Masks Fight Acne?

There are so many mud mask that claim that they reduce acne. How can a facial mud mask reduce acne????



Organic mud masks absorb excess oil from the surface of the skin. They may also exfoliate the skin, lifting tiny flakes of dead skin you might not have even noticed, opening pores, and giving the skin a healthy glow.

The main ingredient in most good anti acne masks is medicinal mud. Although this ingredient is dirt, it is dirt that has been sterilized to remove any earth-borne pathogens that could infect the skin. (Never, ever dig up your own mud to make a face mask)

The problem with many acne facial masks is that they contain additional ingredients that can irritate the skin, that is not the case with organic mud masks. Some masks will make you feel good at first for example when you first rinse off the mask, you will just notice a fine, even matte to your skin. It may be hours or even a few days later before your notice peeling, flaking, drying, or redness—at which point the manufacturer hopes you will try another treatment. By using organic mud mask you make sure you are getting natural product with no added colors or smells that will leave you disappointed.


There is no evidence that mud from one part of the world is better for your skin than mud from any other part of the world. Some “medicinal” masks made with exotic muds, such as Dead Sea mud, can actually be inflammatory. Giving ingredients an exotic name helps users imagine they are doing something special for their skin, but usually they aren’t.

Usually mud works better on oily skin. Oily skin is prone to acne in most cases which makes an organic mud mask the best choice towards your acne removal treatment.

How Often Should You Use a Mask?

Some people who have especially oily skin use an acne mask every day. Others may use a mask just once a week. A well-formulated mud mask can be left on the skin for 10 minutes up to an hour, and then washed off with warm water. Always test a dot of a mask material on the skin of your inner forearm, leaving it there for 8 to 12 hours, to make sure there are no ingredients in the mask that could irritate your skin.

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