The Art of a Warm Bath


The Art of a Warm Bath


     A warm bath has many more benefits than simply getting your skin clean. The effects of the warm water and isolation in a small quiet room produces stress relief. The correct additives to the water can detox, heal, and help you sleep better.

Make the room and your bath water warm enough to induce a little sweat but not so hot that skin turns red or you start to feel faint. This amount of heat will open your pores to remove toxins from the body. The heat of the water also relaxes tense muscles and kills many kinds of bacteria and viruses to decrease the number of colds and infections you may catch.

Use a sponge or luffa to gently exfoliate dead skin and to increase circulation of the lymph system to help clear toxins and create free-flowing glands and blood vessels. This will help increase lymph drainage and improve health by stimulating the immune system.

The simple act of soaking in warm water releases all sorts of stress. In a relaxed state, your mind can also relax and let go of tensions that replay over and over in your mind. You will notice your thinking is sharper the next day. For an extra boost of healing brain stimulation, try adding a few drops of sage oil to your water.

Steam from the water can also open pores in the face to let dirt and germs out thus making your skin look younger. Steam also helps moisturize nasal passages to get rid of dryness caused by cold winter weather and heated indoor air.

Taking a bath is a natural way to get a good night’s sleep. Warm water surrounds every inch of you -cradling you in comfort. The warmness slowly increases your body's temperature and then when you dry off, your temperature returns to a cooler state causing your brain to release melatonin which induces sleep.

Tired and achy? Try soaking in ½ cup of Epson salts with a drop or two of your favorite essential oils. Epson salts are made up of magnesium which soothes muscles, regulates blood pressure, and regenerates skin cells. The warm water opens your pores so that the magnesium can be absorbed.

The health and rejuvenation benefits of a warm bath are worth the time and effort. Make sure you have the right tools to create this healing time. Avoid artificial chemical bath aids that will be absorbed into your skin and tissue. These only add to the toxins you are trying to purge. Use only natural healing additives to your water. Avoid taking the phone into your sanctuary. Stress belongs on the other side of the door. Make sure you have a warm fluffy towel and robe for after. It is essential to have a comfortable bath pillow to relax the head and neck area as you soak. A rolled up towel is a nuance because it soaks up water or gets unfolded. If your neck is at an awkward angle as your muscles relax you can end up with a stiff neck. Invest in a bath pillow with suction cups to hold it in place. Try turning the lights low or adding candles to complete your total relaxation atmosphere. The warm bath is truly an art.

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