4 Great Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Young Posted on 18 Aug 11:55 , 0 comments

It’s important to remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ. It requires daily maintenance in order to look its best. If you want to avoid premature wrinkling and aging, there are some things you should start doing right away to maintain the skin’s elasticity and moisture content.

Here are four great tips for keeping your skin looking its best year after year:

  1. Make H2O your go-to. Water helps the skin maintain moisture. It flushes impurities out of your system so they don’t end up clogging your pores or irritating your skin. Drink 64 ounces of water daily for optimal health.
  2. Exfoliate gently and regularly. The key to softer, smoother skin is exfoliation. Make sure to use products containing natural exfoliants to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin. Never scrub your face vigorously. Instead, move in a circular motion when applying a cleanser to your skin.
  3. Use a moisturizer designed for your skin type. If your skin is oily, don’t make it worse by using a super creamy moisturizer. Instead, opt for something lightweight that you can wear under your makeup. Our Maywood Creek Essentials Facial Moisturizer is organic and handcrafted. It’s safe for sensitive skin and has anti-aging properties that minimize the look of fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.
  4. Always wear sunscreen wherever you go. The sun dries your skin out. It burns it and causes sunspots and freckles to form. If you don’t want to look leathery after spending time outdoors, make sure that you use sunscreen on your face, neck, and body anytime you’re outside.

Protect your skin the way you protect your health. A good skin care routine reduces the risk for flare up, rashes, and other irritations. It also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making you look and feel young year round.