10 Steps to Healthy Living

Healthy living is easier than it seems. Sometimes it just takes establishing the correct routine! The right routine with the right tools and before you know it, you will feel healthier and will be glowing from the inside out. Below are some great tips along with some tools to help you accomplish a healthier you.


Healthy Living

  • Wake up to a progressive alarm – Instead of getting jarred out of your sleep by that loud obnoxious alarm, try a progressive alarm. It is a much gentler way to wake up and some people even say it helps them remember their dreams!
  • Drink Water - Start your day with a big glass of water and lemon juice. This will help with hydration and lemon is also a natural diuretic, which helps with pulling out any excess fluid or water retention.
  • Workout – Get your blood moving and give those muscles a wake up workout! Take a short walk or practice 10 minutes of stretching or gentle yoga. Give your muscles a chance to awaken and get ready for the day.
  • Moisturize – Be sure to hydrate your skin! This means adding moisturizer to your face and body.

  • Create a make-up routine - Make sure you have all the right products to make your routine easy and flawless. Having tweezers that you can trust to get that hair the first time or Kabuki brushes that are made specifically to highlight and contour your face will help create a flawless look; which will give you confidence all day! Knowing your makeup routine and having the right supplies will also let you get ready faster, so you have more time for you in the morning and less time rushing around to get ready.

  • Eat more fruits and veggies - You can easily make a fruit or green smoothie for your morning breakfast. Have a large salad or bring cut veggies and hummus for your snack is a simple way to add more vegetables to your day. Bring an apple with you and have that when you are craving that afternoon snack. Get creative with your dinners. Try making your own marinara or even making zoodles – which are noodles made from fresh zucchinis! These simple changes are a great way to be healthier and they taste delicious!
  • Drink Green Tea - Drinking green tea can help curb hunger and also give you energy and antioxidants throughout the day!
  • Get regular exercise - Make sure to get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day for optimal health! If you have a job where you work in front of a computer all day, don’t forget to stretch your neck and back. If you have a job where you are repetitively doing the same thing, be sure to stretch those muscles everyday to avoid injury!
  • Establish a night time routine - Drink jasmine or mint decaf tea. Find a white noise machine and be sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature. Put down all technology within 30 minutes of bed time. Try to get to bed the same time every night. Take a nice warm bath to rest your muscles and your mind. Lay back, use a Luxury Spa Bath Pillow to rest your head and relax.

  • Set your intention for the day - Remind yourself that you are amazing and that your mood is fully dependent on your attitude.

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