How to Relieve Stress: 5 Tips

I wanted to start out this article by saying “Our lives are hectic.” But, does that even begin to describe the craziness we deal with every day? Probably not. How to relieve stress, that’s a tough one. Between work, friends, children, and our responsibilities we can get pretty stressed out. Stress isn’t going anywhere and it’s in all of our lives. It’s how we handle stress that will help you during those periods of frantic frustration. Remember to breathe!


5 Tips on How to Relieve Stress

Write it down – Sometimes we continue to stress about things because we’re afraid that we may forget. Don’t forget the eggs at the grocery store, or don’t forget that deadline at work.  Write it down! Or use a calendar or a reminder system. We all seem to have mobile phones these days, use a reminder app or notepad to write your lists. I like to make myself reminders the day or two before a deadline that way if I did forget I still have time to finish whatever needs to be done and it’s not a surprise.

It’s about perspective – Talking things out with someone else allows you to get someone else’s perspective on a situation or issue. Even things like helping you decide what priority levels certain tasks should be at. If it’s for work, discuss it with a coworker or better yet your boss! Talking it out with someone will help you analyze the situation through a different point of view.

Exercise – I find that during Exercise I often come up with solutions to problems I’ve been stressing about. In that euphoric high after exercise I often get a clarify and calmness I didn’t have before I started. Moving my body around and just giving my brain a chance to reset helps me see a solution. Exercise also provides endorphins so I am less likely to feel as stressed after my exercise routine because of those endorphins.

Treat yourself – We are often our biggest critics or unintentionally make things to be bigger issues than they actually are. Treat yourself to something you enjoy. Pamper yourself with long hot bath, and soft music. Lay back and relax and calm your mind. Use a Luxury Spa Bath Pillow to make it even more comfortable.

Focus your energy – Focusing your energy and coming up with a solution or an action plan instead of wondering about the “what-ifs” or always trying to combat uncertainty. There are so many things in our lives that we worry about but we actually have no control over. What else is there to do other than simply, just let it go. Sometimes things have away of working themselves out or sometimes things don’t need fixing it. It was just your perception of the issue at the time.


Combine these solutions – Using these tips in together can increase your success with de-stressing. With a friend, write down the facts. Then set a calendar reminder and don’t think about it again until you get the reminder. Do other tasks to get your mind off the the stressor like working out. When the reminder dings ask yourself if it’s still such a big deal? If the answer is no then you have your answer!

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