At Home Workouts

While there are many resources available in the gym like personal trainers and fitness equipment, sometimes gyms are not realistic in terms of how people are going to fit exercise into their daily routine. Gyms often have set hours or maybe don’t provide childcare or the gym is out-of-the-way and inconvenient in daily life. I like to start my day with exercise and rushing around to the gym doesn’t leave me much time to relax with my cup of coffee and get ready. I like to look put together and flawless when I arrive at work (thank you Kabuki Brushes!) which means I need time to get ready and my things in order for the day. This is all hard to do if I’m rushing to the gym and home early in the morning.


I wanted to share with you five ways for you to start working towards your fitness journey that don’t included a gym. There are so many ways to find at home workouts or in your area without the gym, below are just a few.

Pinterest or Blog – I will start with the most obvious which would be to create a gym in your own home with some simple equipment. In home gym you could decide to create your own workouts or find workouts on Pinterest or a blog.  Here, you can easily find workouts that you can do at home. The benefit of finding a workout on a blog is they are usually easy to follow and can be easily modified. A potential downfall from choosing a workout from a blog is you may find that you lack the motivation to get through the entire workout since there won’t be anyone prompting you to keep going or motivating you to work harder.

YouTube or DVDs - If you are using YouTube or DVDs to come up with a workout, it’s may be difficult to tell the intensity level of the workout based on the description. These videos may provide beginners to advanced options, or may be one-size-fits-all, so I recommend watching these videos one time through before deciding on your workout. The benefit of YouTube videos or at home DVD workouts is you have someone constantly encouraging you to keep going!

Fitness Apps – You could use a fitness app on your phone or your iPad/tablet. These workouts could be done at home or even outside. These apps have some great options, such as the ability to customize the workout to your fitness level and preview the moves before you start. However if you’re new to exercise, it’s sometimes hard to always be looking down at your phone/tablet for the next move if you are not familiar to what exercises are called.

Running/Walking Group – You could also join a running group or find a few friends who would want to run or walk with you in your neighborhood. Having someone to exercise with you will help keep you accountable on your new routine. Having a friend to workout with will also have you looking forward to your daily exercise! Be careful not to chat to much!

Boot Camp – Look for boot camps or outdoor boot camps in your area. Boot camps are a great place to find like-minded people who are also passionate about exercise. Boot camps are also great since every class is different. This is a great way to get exposure to new exercises and even make a few new friends!

I’ve found that exercising at home as helped me not only stay in shape, but it doesn’t take away a lot of my time. Now my flawless appearance matches my new sculpted body!

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