At Home Manicure

Follow these tips to get the perfect at home manicure.


What you will need:

Bowl, Emery Board/s,  orangewood stick, cuticle remover, cuticle oil, cotton, nail polish remover, base coat, nail polish color of choice, top coat, lotion, towel/s, nail buffer, nail brush.

First, make sure to wash/sanitize your hands.

Remove any existing polish from nails if applicable. Analyze the bare nails. If you notice any type of discoloration or breakage (which could signal a disorder/fungus), discontinue the manicure steps.

Next you will need to prep your nails by filing them with a nail file/emery board into the desired shape.

Next, fill your bowl with warm water. It is a good idea to add cuticle oil to the bowl, which will help add softness to the skin.

Begin care for cuticles by applying cuticle remover to the skin that surrounds each nail. Once it is applied to all your nail cuticles, place your hand/s in the finger bowl/s and soak.  Take hands out the bowl/s and pat dry. Push back each cuticle by using an orangewood stick. Be careful when performing this step as you can damage your nail bed by over exerting pushing of the cuticle. Only push as far as your cuticle will allow.  Use a nail trimmer to nip off any excess skin/hangnails, in doing so, be sure to nip only the excess skin, not to cut too deep! You will then take your nail brush and scrub hands and nails free of any leftover skin/cuticles. Be sure to clean under the free edge of your nails.

Next, apply cuticle oil to newly trimmed cuticles. Use a massage cream or lotion and rub/ massage  your hands together. This will help replenish all of the skin on nails and hands. Upon completion of your massage, remove any excess lotion from your skin with a towel.

Buff nails with a nail buffer if necessary.

Apply a thin layer of alcohol to your nails with cotton. This helps rid any leftover lotion, and provides a solid base for polish to adhere by slightly drying the nail.

Now, the fun part begins. First you will need to apply a base coat to your nails (1 layer of polish- 1 coat and let dry). Base coat is essential b/c it helps to even out any grooves in the nail, and sets up your colored polish with a great base. Next,  choose the color you would like to wear on your nails. Apply that polish (2 layers – 1st coat, let dry, next coat, let dry) apply color polish to the free edge of your nail. It is best to apply the desired color polish using light sweeping strokes in order to avoid the polish from looking to thick. Remove any excess polish from your skin using nail polish remover. Lastly, apply 1 coat of top coat nail polish to add shine and to seal in all of the polish you have just applied from chipping.

Upon completion of your manicure, make sure to sanitize everything you’ve used. This could include your finger bowl, trimmers, nail file, nail brush, nail buffer. Throw away anything you consider contaminated that is one-time use (orangewood stick, cotton). Looking for the right tools to help in your own home manicure? Check out the Simply Essentials Store!

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