5 Ways to Relax

Today I’m sharing with you 5 ways to relax. My days just fly by. They are chaotic, stressful, and non-stop. Sometimes I get home and it’s 4 hours until I get to sit down. These days make me seriously question my ability to keep on with my current schedule. But by the end of the day I always try to make it a point to do something relaxing for myself. Some days its soaking in the tub with my favorite relaxing music playing, while other days I make it a point to implement some relaxing strategies throughout the day so I can have more me time by the end of the day.


Some of my favorite secrets of relaxation

Make a to-do list and then prioritize 3 things on the list as “Must Do”. Everything else on the list is just there so you don’t forget about it over the next few days. Once you get your must do things out of the way, the smaller, less important tasks may not seem as daunting or may lose significance. I heard a great tip, choose the one thing you really don’t want to do on your list, and do that first thing that day. Once this is done, it’s like a major accomplishment and will help you feel more relaxed all day, instead of constantly stressing about finishing that item.

Turn off social media - As nice as it is to connect with the people we love on social media, it can often be a major time suck, which then makes us feel more stressed later in the day when we are trying to finish our to-do tasks.

Find time to exercise – although this might seem a bit counter-intuitive I promise you exercise is a great way to promote relaxation. For me, exercise is my me time, I can work through problems, enjoy my new favorite music or connect with my girlfriends in a class or on a run. It’s also a place I can turn off my mind from thinking. Not only am I doing something for myself, I also feel great after thanks to endorphins.

Speaking of me time – there is nothing better than a long hot relaxing bath after a good workout or a long day. I love to make this a real experience. I have floating flowers and a bath pillow that I use to help transform my bathroom into my own spa experience. I use lavender bath salts to help create a soothing relaxing environment. The epsom salt is great to help relive muscle pain and the heat helps me melt into a good mood! My bath is that ‘trigger’ that tells my body it’s time to relax, it’s time for bed.

Can’t seem to find time for these activities? I bet I know why! You are not asking for help when you need it. Well I’m giving you permission to ask for help! There is nothing worse than being overwhelmed, and that feeling could be alleviated, almost completely with just the help of someone else. Maybe its a spouse, good friend, co-worker, neighbor or someone you have to pay to instead do the tasks that are taking up all your time but not adding to your life.

Now go, Relax!

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