Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just a week away! If you haven’t had time to get mom that special gift, there is still time to get something nice for mom! I wanted to share with you some of my Mother’s Day gift ideas that mom can enjoy all year long! Sure flowers and spa days are nice, but this year, my goal is for mom to remember how special she is all year long!


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  • Instead of buying mom a bouquet of flowers, buy her a plant from a local nursery. My favorite picks are hydrangias, pink star gazing lillies and roses. These plants can be enjoyed year after year after you plant them in the ground. Don’t make mom do the dirty work, plant these for mom while you are there.
  • Cookbooks – instead of taking mom out for dinner, buy her a few new cookbooks and mark a few recipes you want to make together! Bring over the ingredients to your favorite recipe in the book and make it with mom that day.
  • Instead of buying mom a spa day, buy her a bath pillow and some floating flowersMom can enjoy endless relaxing baths anytime. She can have that spa day feeling anytime! Make a jar of muscle relaxing lavender bath salts for mom to use while she’s relaxing in the tub! Don’t forget, DIY manicures are easier than ever, be sure to get mom all the necessary items to give herself a manicure anytime!

  • Bake mom cookies and make her a few extra jars of cookie mix so she can make cookies that remind her of you anytime through the year
  • If mom has a hobby that she has expressed an interest in, buy mom a few classes, that way she can find out if her passion in something she wants to pursue.

Mom’s are such an inspiration and deserve to be celebrated! This year, let her know you are thinking of her and give her reasons to smile all year long with these gifts.

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