Preparing For Summer Vacation

Pretty soon it will be time to starting thinking about and taking summer vacation! I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about ways to prepare for a summer vacation. I don’t know about you, but we love to go to the beach which is about 3 1/2 hour drive from my house. We also love to take day trips hiking to the mountains or to the local trails around town. We have some fantastic waterfalls in North Carolina!


Although these are two very different destinations, I always try to be well prepared so that I don’t run into any difficulties once I’m there having fun and relaxing. I’ve done myself a favor over the years and started packing a travel bag that I keep stored all year long. In these bags, I like to pack necessary essential items including my first aid kit which holds things like tweezers.

You see, I’m so prone to getting splinters in my feet when I am walking on the boardwalk on the way to the beach. I also like to have sharp ingrown hair tweezers for when we go hiking. I’m always concerned with getting ticks when we are in the mountains. It’s important that I have a way to get ticks out quickly if I happen to find one on me or my dog.

I like to keep an essentials bag as well, I keep things I normally forget on vacation like nail clippers, cotton balls, bug spray, flashlight, a utility knife, a lighter or matches. This essentials bag paired with my well stocked first aid kit usually leaves me with a lot less worries when traveling. Of course things like water, sunscreen, eye protection are also very important.

However sunscreen tends to lose its potency year-to-year so I always make sure to buy new sunscreen each year and add that to my essentials bag in the beginning of the year. Don’t forget other essentials like a hat and maybe even a blanket – impromptu picnics are the best!

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