10 Easy Money Saving Strategies Posted on 09 May 18:32 , 0 comments

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m starting to think about my summer vacation plans. There is nothing worse than not having enough money to enjoy vacation though. So I’ve been thinking about easy money saving strategies I’ve put into place over the years to ensure I always have money to spend on thinks like vacation that I really enjoy!


1. Before planning your family weekly meals, check out the local stores circular to see what’s on sale. If you can plan the family meals around what staple items are on sale, you can often find big savings in the weekly budget. You can use resources like pinterest or your favorite blogger for recipe inspiration once you find out what is on sale.

2. When shopping for electronics or appliances, check out the stores policy. See see if they do price matching and if so do they also match the price of online retailers? I was able to get the same price as amazon in Staples for my electronics purchase, and I can walk out with the item immediately. I took a 60 dollar mouse down to under 30 dollars with this method.

3. Sign up for newsletters and email lists. You may get a chance to win a product or receive coupon offerings through special discount.

4. Make more things at home. This can be brown bagging lunches, or making your own bath salt to soak in while relaxing in the tub.


5. Invest in beauty essentialsBuild your own home manicure set. Invest in a good set of tweezers and start doing your own eyebrows at home.


6. Instead of paying for a day of pampering, get yourself a bath pillow, some floating flowers and bring the spa experience home. Not only will this save you money, but it will let you have this relaxing time more often!

7. Learn to cook for yourself. You will find that cooking for yourself over getting take out all the time is a great money saver. You might also notice that you also start losing weight! Even just making 1-2 dinners a week and taking your lunch to work will save you a great deal of money long term.

8. Cut out unnecessary expenses like gourmet coffee or any of the must-have item of the season. Although these indulgences seem like a necessity, I promise cutting these things out of your budget will be well worth it when you get to relax on the beach for an entire week instead of just a few days. A $5 cup of coffee can be just as good at home for under $1. Add a little cinnamon or nutmeg in the coffee grounds before brewing and voilla!

9. Check your cable and other service bills for unnecessary expenses and remove them if you can. If you haven’t called your service companies recently, call and see if there are any promotions you qualify for. Sometimes it’s worth the call, even if it’s a hassle to be on the phone.

10. Instead of going out to movies or taking the family to dinner and a entertaining event, have a family game night or family movie night at home. Let someone in the family pick the game or movie and I make popcorn and homemade pizza and enjoy the evening at home.