Summertime Makeup Routine Posted on 14 May 18:27 , 0 comments

Memorial Day is right around the corner, the change of season into summertime forces me to reevaluate my makeup routine. Not only am I wearing more summary bright colors of lipsticks and blush but I also need to reevaluate my daily skin care routine and makeup applications to ensure I look flawless even in the heat of the day.


During the summer months, I’m careful to apply a moisturizer with SPF in the morning before I put on my makeup. I love my powdered mineral foundation and with he right application, it leaves me with a flawless looking skin no matter what I put on my face before I use it. Of course I think this flawless look has more to do with the brushes I use than the makeup, which is why I only trust kabuki brushes to do my make up in the morning.

In the summer, I always add bronzer to my face since I try to keep my face out of the sun even when I’m sun bathing. I can can get such a natural look if I use my kabuki brush to apply the bronzer. In the past when I would try to wear bronzer, I remember thinking this looks so fake. I can’t believe that this is the only option I have for bronzer. Little did I know I just wasn’t using the right equipment!


Not only do I have a flawless complexion with my kabuki brushes, it only takes minutes for me to get ready which is perfect in the summertime. I don’t want people to think that I am high maintenance or anything when I need to put my makeup on before going out for the day. Even if it’s just the barbecue or family event that I’m getting ready for I like to look my best, don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong I don’t go out and get crazy with my makeup, I usually try to look like I’m not wearing makeup! I just like my skin to look as flawless as possible. Adding an SPF moisturizer is so necessary and with the right tools you can look tan and flawless without letting your skin get exposed to the aging sun.