5 Household Beauty Items Posted on 16 May 17:05 , 0 comments

I thought I would share with you 5 common items you may have that can be used for DIY beauty items. I spoke about money saving tips in my prior posts. One of my money saving tips is to do things on your own, and it’s even better if you can use items that you already have around your house for DIY beauty hacks.


Although this list is not exhaustive, it’s full of items that I always have on hand.

1. Coconut oil – coconut oil is not just for cooking anymore! It’s an awesome moisturizer! Put it on your dry elbows and knees and you will be surprised with the results. It’s also great for DIY lip moisturizer! My lips get so dry after I spend too much time in the sun! Coconut oil is a great natural way to add moisture to my lips. Another great hack for coconut oil is to use it to help keep fly-aways from occurring when you have your hair pulled up!

2. Honey – honey is a natural antibacterial agent! It’s great on DIY face masks! It can help minimize acne and has been used for ages in natural beauty products. It also leaves the skin soft after applying it to the skin. You can make your own face wash using honey as well!


3. Coffee – Coffee grounds can be used to exfoliate the skin! Since you can grind them pretty small, they work perfectly to help remove dead skin from the surface, without causing to much damage or abrasion to the skin! You just mix with oil to apply to the skin. Coffee also has antioxidants and caffeine, which some say when applied to the skin has the ability to temporarily tighten the skin

4. Yogurt – it has been shown that the ingredients in yogurt have the ability to refine pores, exfoliate the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.  Next time you are at the store, pick up a few extra containers. 2% Greek yogurt is the best since it’s so thick!

5. Cinnamon and nutmeg – these spices are a great ways to exfoliate the skin naturally. The nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory. Nutmeg is not only good for cleaning the skin, it’s also great to help reduce those acne scars on the face.

I’m betting that you have these ingredients in your pantry now! I’ll be sharing some awesome DIY skin care ideas with you soon, so be sure to visit back! Let me know your favorite DIY skin care tip!