Staycation Ideas

Maybe vacation is right around the corner, but if you are like me, vacation may still be months away! What’s a girl to do? Personally I love the idea of a staycation. Take a few days off, stay in your area and find something touristy to do. There are so many options on what to do first. Here are my top 10.


1. Scope out a local attraction like a theme park and go during the week and instead of on the weekend you’re sure to have more fun with less crowds.

2. Search for cool outdoor activities maybe it’s hiking a new trail within an hour or so of your home.

3. If you’re lucky enough to live by a body of water you should try canoeing or stand up paddle boarding.

4. Another great option would be to rent a boat for the day. During the week waterways are less likely to be as crowded and therefore easily for you to navigate through if you’re not an experience boater. Luckily driving a boat is that much different than driving a car if this girl can do it so can you just make sure use a pontoon boat that doesn’t go too fast!

5. If getting out in the water is not an option find a pool to go hang out by.

6. One of my favorite things to do and were I’m on vacation is to have a fancy or exotic dinnersomewhere. So another tip to make your staycation fabulous is to find somewhere to go to dinner that you normally dont go. Maybe it’s a restaurant that just opened up or maybe is a fancy place you haven’t tried yet.

7. Who doesn’t love to get ice cream in the middle of the day on vacation? Treat yourself to a cone or some frozen yogurt! This little trick always helps me get into a better mood, and reminds me of past vacations which puts me in a great mindset for my staycation.

8. Find yourself an adventure. Maybe there is a zip line nearby or indoor or outdoor rock climbing. Do something that will create memories and that is outside of your normal fun at home.

9. Do what the tourists do when they visit your city! Take a guided Segway tour around your city or a biking tour. If your city has a ghost walk, you might find yourself learning something new about your city.

10. Another really popular option would be to go horseback riding. There are quite a few trails around my house that you can pay to have an instructor guide you through for the day.

11. To make the most of your staycation I highly recommend doing an at home spa-days day. Sleep in, make yourself a big batch of cucumber strawberry water, put on some relaxing music, get out your at home manicure set and set up your luxury bath pillow, bath salts and spend a few hours pampering yourself.

Do you ever take a staycation? What was your favorite activity?

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