Summer Beauty Essentials Bag Posted on 28 May 16:57 , 0 comments

Summer is finally here! It’s time to update that wardrobe and update your make up bag with summertime beauty essentials. Unfortunately this time of year there are so many different things I have to worry about. I try to not have to worry about where my beauty essentials are when I need them in a rush! That’s why the beginning of the season I like to go ahead and pack my summertime essentials makeup bag as I’m unpacking my bathing suits and shorts from storage.

This bag has all my beauty essentials in one place so that I don’t have to spend time fumbling around looking for the perfect solution to my beauty or makeup problem. Summertime presents some different beauty needs than other times of the year. In my summertime make up bag, I always make sure to have tweezers on hand. Actually, I prefer to have different types of tweezers to deal with specific problems. For example, I like to have traditional tweezers to grab a stray hair or a pair of needle nose  tweezers to grab an unfortunate ingrown hair from all the extra shaving. Also I like to keep these needle nose tweezers around for things like bee stings, splinters, and removing ticks (from all family members including the dog). All things my family seems to have more problems with in summertime.

My summertime beauty essentials bag also includes pure aloe vera gel which can help reduce redness and pain associated with sunburn. It’s also a great beauty essential since it can help reduce frizz in your hair, serve as a way to reduce the puffiness around the eyes if you happen to stay up too late having fun over vacation or staycation.

Over the years I’ve come up with a few tricks to not get so burned when out in the sun. One of those tricks is to apply sunscreen to my face and then cover that in a mineral foundationthat also has SPF. I have had great success with this, it never fails. It seems as though the mineral foundation provides an extra barrier from the sun, and it also doesn’t tend to sweat off as easily.

With the warm weather also comes open toed shoes. I make sure to have a really good pair of nail clippers in my beauty essentials bag so that I can do a pedicure at home as often as I need to. Sometimes I like to change up the nail polish to match my bathing suit and I’ve noticed that the polish gets rubbed off a lot easier in the summertime, since I’m almost always in bare feet or sandals.

Another great essential item to keep in your summertime beauty essentials bag is lip balm with SPF in it. Usually I have no problem remembering to put sunscreen on in the morning, but the one thing I forget about is my lips. This way it’s in my bag and less likely to forget.

What about you?

  • What’s in your summertime essential make bag?
  • Do you have a dedicated bag or place for all your summertime essentials?