How to do your Eyebrows

Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes, but having great eyebrows that complement your face is a must, and the tool of choice for this? You got it, the tweezer!


How to do your Eyebrows

Make sure you are using tweezers that have sharp edges and are slanted. It is important to clean your tweezers with alcohol after each use, to rid any bacteria which will keep them from getting dull.  If you are sensitive to pain, you can pluck your brows after taking a warm shower, or after applying a hot towel to your brows for a couple of minutes.  Heat opens up the hair follicles, making it easier to pluck hairs out, plus moisture allows for painless sliding of hairs from the hair follicles. If you are super sensitive to pain, you can apply astringent or a numbing cream like orajel to your brows prior to plucking.

Decide what shape of eyebrows fits best for your facial features.

Try outlining your desired brows using an eyeliner or brow pencil.  Brow pencils can be used  to fill in sparse hairs  or add shape until you have reach your desired eyebrow shape naturally. After lining your brows, pluck around what has not been defined by your pencil. Continue to draw and define the shape in future plucking instances until you have reached your desired shape of eyebrows.

Make sure you are in a well lit room with a regular mirror. Using magnifying mirrors to pluck your eyebrows are not suggested as they can give the impression of a fuller brow, causing overplucking and leading to super skinny/ uneven brows. Take your time when plucking. Take a step back and look at your eyebrows from a distance, to avoid overplucking.

Trim eyebrows using small scissors or trimmers. Sometimes it looks like you have more hair because of the long length of eyebrow hairs. Trimming eyebrows beforehand makes it easier to get a proper shape and to not overpluck.

When beginning to tweeze, especially on tiny hairs, hold back the skin you are plucking from with one hand and have the tweezers in the other hand. Pluck hairs out in the direction that they are growing out of the skin. Pulling skin taunt will also help in reducing pain!

Don’t overdo it while plucking on the hairs above the brow. Although it is necessary to pluck some of the stray hairs on the top portion, below the brow is where you want to focus most of your tweezing.

After plucking, apply tea tree oil or a cortisone cream to reduce inflammation.

Style your brows using  a brow brush (many come attached to brow pencils) and brush eyebrows in an upward direction from above tear duct to mid brow, then back down towards the end of the brow. Add some brow gel or brow wax to keep them in place.

Pluck your eyebrows approximately once every 3 weeks. This gives hair time to grow out and allows you to get your desired shape as hair will have time to grow in the sparse areas.

Eyebrows are a focal point on your face, therefore it is very important to keep them looking good, clean, and polished. Having the right tweezers is a must when plucking, have you seen our new line of tweezers? You need to check them out, they’re our best yet! Add these to your summer beauty essentials makeup bag for on the go!

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