Tweezers Sparkles Set of Three Giveaway Posted on 02 Jun 16:52 , 0 comments

If there is one beauty essential I can’t live without, it’s a great pair of tweezers. Just this weekend, I have had to use my tweezers to get a splinter out of my foot and to grab a hang nail that I couldn’t reach with my nail clippers. Then, I had to primp myself for a night out! This set of three tweezers makes finding the right tweezers for every job a breeze. I love that they are easily accessible but have their own carrying case it so I can keep them clean and I always know where they are in my summer essentials beauty bag.


I started plucking my eyebrows at 13, thank goodness for my girlfriends that helped cure me of my unibrow and bushy eyebrows. As you probably know, there are so many different ways to shape you eyebrows now, and depending on your face type or personal preference, you can really polish your look with well groomed eyebrows. With this set of three tweezers you will have everything you need to easily shape your eyebrows.

The set of tweezers includes an angled tweezers, a flat tweezers and needle nose style tweezers. These tweezers are made with surgical stainless steel, and they are guaranteed to stay aligned, which means you grab that ingrown hair the first time and that tick on the dog on the first try (priceless). I have had tweezers in the past that quickly became misaligned, which made them hard to use and made my beauty routine take more time.  What I was most surprised with when receiving these tweezers was how sharp the tips were.

This weekend proved to me that having multiple tweezers to choose from is really necessary. You see I needed the angled tweezers to grab the splinter out of my food, but needed the pointy needle nose ingrown hair tweezers to get at my hang nail. Both of these were extremely painful, but having the right equipment really helped minimize the amount of pain I was in, as I wasn’t having to continuously dig around, since I could use exactly what I needed for the problem at hand.  The sharp tips were able to quickly and easily grip the object and hold on to it with minimal effort on my part.

Simply Essentials is giving away a set of three tweezers to a lucky reader! Be sure to visit our facebook page for another chance to win!