How to Contour the Face with Makeup Posted on 06 Jun 16:49 , 0 comments

With its recent increase in popularity, face contouring has become the new method to enhance beauty without going under the knife. Popular kits from provide users with a palette of lighter shades for highlighting areas of the face to enhance and draw attention to features as well as darker shades to bring definition to other facial features. You can also use lighter and darker concealers to mimic the same effect.

Contouring, shading, or blending, allows the user to change their physical features in a way that gives the illusion of a perfect nose, chiseled jaw line, and/or pouty lips, in a mere 15-30 minutes. With the correct placement of light and dark hues along the skin, and proper blending techniques, you can literally change the appearance of your facial features and mimic the bone structure that you’ve always wanted. Contouring with makeup defines facial structures by reducing the size of features you deem too large, and can augment and exaggerate features you want to enhance or you wish were more defined. The strategic placement of the dark and light lines and shades creates an illusion with makeup.

To begin, find the shades of color that works well with normal skin tone. The lighter color should be at least one shade lighter than normal skin tone for highlighting and the dark color should include at least two shades darker for contouring. Don’t get discouraged if your first few attempts at contouring is not successful, it becomes very simple with enough practice.


How to Contour

After first applying a base layer of normal foundation to the entire face and neck:

  • Start with the lighter shade and apply it to the following places, blending with a flat brush used for foundation:
    • To the center of the face,
    • Under the eyes,
    • On the bridge of the nose,
    • In the middle of the chin,
    • On the forehead, along the top of your brow lines,
    • Above your cupid’s bow (above the lips),
  • Next use the darker shade and apply it to the following places, use a blending brush to blend these darker areas in with the already pre-lightened skin.
    • Around the perimeters of the face, blend the darker shade into the hairline,
    • In the hollows of the cheeks,
    • Under the bottom lip,
    • Outline of the nose,
    • In the temple areas,
    • Along the jaw line.
  • Use a matte setting powder to give a smooth finish to the look.

Investing in a quality set of brushes, like our Simply Essentials Kabuki Brushes will ensure your makeup contouring goes smooth and flawless.