How To Create Smoky Eye Look Posted on 12 Jun 10:14 , 0 comments

Once you have your perfect eyebrow shape, you can play with your eye shadow routine.Creating a smoky eye can instantly bring attention to your eyes and gives you an overall sultry appearance. This look is great for a night out, and is very easy to accomplish. All you need are a few items you likely already have in your make-up bag.

The smoky eye should be what draws people’s attention to your look. Don’t make your eyes compete with a bright red lipstick or very bright blush. Keep the rest of your look natural. Make sure to use your kabuki brushes when applying your foundation and that you eyebrows are very well tweezed. Unkempt eyebrows will ruin the smoky eye look.

What you need to create smoky eye look:  

  • Light color base with shimmer eyeshadow;
  • medium/ neutral shade;
  • dark shade;
  • eyeliner pencil, or gel eyeliner & eyeliner brush;
  • shadow brush (flat brush) ;
  • blender brush (fluffier brush);
  • all purpose shadow brush;
  • eyeshadow tape;
  • eyelash primer;
  • eyelash curler;
  • mascara

Steps to create smoky eye look:

  1. Begin with a foundation for even skin tone.
  2. Apply concealer under eyes to brighten up any dark circles/ bags.
  3. Apply eyeshadow tape (can use regular scotch tape) to outer corner of eyes, slanting upward towards eyebrows. This will keep excess shadow from falling or flaking.
  4. Apply a layer of base shadow all over eyelid up to eyebrow using all purpose shadow brush. Using lighter eyeshadow will accentuate the “pop” of color from the smoky eye. Add shimmer directly to brow bone for more intense effect.
  5. Using blender brush , apply the medium-smoky eyeshadow to eyelid, do not go past the crease.
  6. Using blender brush, apply dark-smoky eyeshadow to the semicircle of your eye, creating a “c” shape. Repeat until desired shade is achieved. Blend medium and dark eyeshadows using your fingers or blender brush to soften the look of any harsh lines.
  7. Draw liner from inner to outer corner eyelid using eyeliner pencil (or use liner brush & gel eyeliner). Keep pencil as close as possible to eyelashes when lining. Use shadow brush to soften the line. Blending will create a sultrier look.
  8. Line the underneath portion of the eyelid from inner to outer corner along lashline. Use shadow brush to blend/smudge the liner that is underneath the eyes. For more intense smoky eye, take dark eyeshadow and use shadow brush and outline underneath the eyes, just below the eyeliner placement.
  9. Apply a little bit of light shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye.
  10. Remove eyeshadow tape.
  11. Curl lashes using a lash curler.
  12. Apply eyelash primer to eyelashes.
  13. Apply mascara to eyelashes to create an overall finished look.
  14. Repeat steps for each eye. Can mix up colors for day/evening smoky eye looks!