Why a Good Skin Care Regimen is Essential Posted on 27 May 12:53 , 0 comments

Skin covers close to 18 square feet of the human body making it the largest organ you have. As with every other vital system that keeps you healthy, it excretes waste and therefore needs to be cleansed and tended to in a very specific way. If you’ve ever had your face break out during times of high stress, there’s a reason for that. Your body is responding the best way it knows how by forming a protective barrier between you and the things that harm you. 

Another function of the skin is to remove chemicals and waste from the body. Skin protects you from injury and also heats and cools you. It’s the body’s natural heating and air conditioning system. Without proper care and attention, your skin can suffer from a number of problems, some of which require medical care to get over.

Lack of sleep, secondhand smoke, a poor diet, and too much sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin. That’s where a good skin care regimen becomes essential. After all, your skin absorbs what you put on it. The right products repair, restore, and rejuvenate red, itchy, flaky, dry, and oily skin leaving your complexion glowing.

At minimum, the skin should be gently exfoliated, cleaned with a mild cleanser, toned, and moisturized. This process removes impurities from the skin, refreshes it, and keeps it taut and youthful in appearance. A skin care regimen utilized daily fights the signs of aging and reduces inflammation with causes the skin to look puffy, bumpy, and itchy.

Developing a skin care process that revitalizes skin is easy with the right products. Castle Rock Essentials offers our line of Maywood Creek Essentials cleanser, toner, and mud mask that keeps your face looking and feeling great for years to come. Best of all, it’s organic, lightly fragranced, and made in the USA. You can’t go wrong with skin care products that contain natural ingredients and are gentle on your face!