How Do You Really Erase Age Spots?

Age spots occur in people over the age of 50 and typically appear on the face, shoulders, arms, and hands. These are the areas of the body that come into contact with direct sunlight most often. Preventing age spots requires diligence and many bottles of sunscreen. Erasing age spots requires a different approach and one made easier by Castle Rock Essential Products. Through the organic skin care products we carry, you too, can restore your skin’s youthful glow. 

Our Maywood Creek Essentials Detox Facial Wash in Citrus Herb includes a blend of nutrient-rich essential oils along with calendula, aloe, and lavender which soothes the skin and reduces inflammation. Green tea seed oil has notable anti-aging properties which protect against free radicals and prevent additional age spots from showing up on your face.

The Detox Facial Toner in Citrus Herb complements the Facial Wash by further soothing and hydrating skin. It’s a blend of witch hazel, aloe vera, calendula, lemon, and lavender. The refreshing formula tightens skin and restores the youthful glow you experienced years ago.

As a final line of defense, you should try Maywood Creek Essentials Super Glow Mud Mask in Citrus Herb. Like the other products we mentioned, it is handcrafted and made from all-natural products. It is phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free, and paraben-free. The product is vegan and cruelty-free, as well! While deep cleaning pores, it reduces redness and the appearance of fine lines and gives your aging skin a balance of cleanliness and softness.

You don’t have to accept age spots as part of growing older. Through a focused skin care regimen, you can reduce their appearance and even prevent new age spots from appearing on your face. Keep in mind that you may not stop the signs of aging completely. You can, however, minimize them by treating your skin to a luxurious facial using our organic skin care products.

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